1962 Original Club office moved from St Marys River to YAM (Fred Alves & Murry Courneen

The Algoma Flying Club played an important role in developing the aviation sector in the Sault by providing flight instruction and spreading the aviation culture in our community. We have inherited a collection of historic memories such as photos, articles and videos which allow us to get to know the people, facts and achievements of the Algoma Flying Club from 1956 until 1963 (please see the links below).

Since my involvement and commitment in leading our COPA chapter, I feel that we should treasure this heritage and be inspired by those who without fear and hesitation, took the initiative to built and share social flying experiences that will never be forgotten.

A special thanks to Neil Ayers for providing most of the published material. In this effort, I encourage those who have any memories of aviation in the Algoma region to participate by sharing their stories with us.