On Sunday April the 17th COPA Flight 66 had its first visitor from oversees. Premek wanted to stop in at the Bushplane Museum and meet with some of the COPA pilots. He lives near Prague, Czech Republic and was traveling to Detroit for business when he decided to divert to Sault Ste. Marie for the weekend. As a strong aviation enthusiast, he is developing a Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on for one of the most famous and recognised Canadian bush planes, the DHC-2 Beaver, “I am a software engineer for a global engineering company however I spend most of my free time developing flight simulators”.

Premek met Bob Garson in the early morning before studying and admiring some of the iconic Canadian aircrafts at the Bushplane Museum. “I was extremely fascinated by the Bushplane Museum and impressed by the wide collection” he stated.

Premek also visited the airport to chat with Eddy Ongaro, owner of a Beaver. He was able to take pictures of Eddy’s work in progress and discuss technical details. “It has been a wonderful experience to meet Bob and Eddy, I have their contact information and we will exchange emails in the future.”

Premek, in the hope that we have positively contributed to the success of your project, we would like to thank you for visiting and sharing your story with us. Good luck and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.