COPA works to support and improve personal aviation throughout Canada. COPA NATIONAL staff work the national issues, dealing with national government and industry officials to protect and promote our freedom to fly. Our Directors keep an eye on things regionally, attending as they are able various meetings to represent our interests. In the early 1960s, the Directors realized that the Association needed better representation and organization regionally and locally because COPA’s reputation depends on what it accomplishes on national, regional and local levels. In response to this need, they created a mechanism for COPA members to form local chapters linked to the national association. These chapters are called COPA Flights. COPA Flights promote COPA, represent their members as a body to the COPA Directors, and represent personal aviation in their local areas by conducting promotional, educational, social and other activities. An example of a COPA Flight activity is to band local pilots together to advocate for establishing or improving a general aviation airport. They would hold a meeting with the city council to explain their needs, hold public information sessions or even could get involved in locating a contractor, raising funds to build it, advertising for an FBO to maintain it, researching the appropriate regulations and so on. COPA NATIONAL would publicize their efforts, provide advice to the COPA Flight and put them in touch with other Flights who have experience with similar projects. Working at a national level with the provincial or federal government, COPA NATIONAL is there to help solve problems that might arise. Other activities include conducting fly-ins, dinners, seminars and other events that are educational or social in nature.

COPA Flight Guidelines:

  • Promote aviation safety and awareness
  • Represent personal aviation at the local level
  • Represent its members as a body to the COPA Directors
  • Further the policies of COPA and provide assistance to Association activities and functions whenever possible.
  • Promote fellowship and a better understanding among the members of the COPA Flight


COPA Flight 66 Executive Committee 2017:

  • Terry Mortimore – Captain (President)
  • Doug Lawson – Co-captain (Vice-president)
  • Annie Hollingsworth – Navigator (Secretary)
  • Doug Snedden – COPA for Kids Coordinator