Copa For Kids 2017

COPA Flight 66 of the Canadian Owners and Pilot’s Association in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is pleased to present the COPA For Kids aviation program to the children of Sault Ste. Marie.

COPA For Kids aviation program provides — free of charge — an introduction for Canadian youth into the world of general aviation. To date, the COPA for Kids program has introduced over 23,000 young Canadians to General Aviation nationally.

Introductory flights will be offered to children aged 8-12 at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport on Saturday, August 12 from 9 am until 2 pm.

The purpose of the program is to help young people understand that a pilot is simply an ordinary individual with special skills developed through training and practice. The participants will learn the technology and science of flight and be shown the advantages of the hard work required to achieve a pilot’s license. Being in the cockpit of a working aircraft in flight will help to de-mystify the art and science of aviation. Many people remember this experience for the rest of their lives. This demonstration flight is completely free.

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Algoma Aviation Week 2016


Algoma Aviation Week is a gathering of aviation enthusiasts, veterans and families that will take place at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport. The event is organized by COPA Flight 66 and the Sault Ste. Marie Airport Development Corporation. It will take place from August 8 until August 14 2016 at CYAM. Our goal for this event is to celebrate and honour those who served in the armed forces, to promote aviation by educating the public about general aviation and to inspire the next generation through the aviation experience of COPA for Kids.

During the week, the AZCAF (Arizona Commemorative Air Force) and the Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force will showcase the B-17 and the B-25 aircraft respectively. Both of these iconic WWII airplanes will be available for tours and flights throughout the week. The event will peak on Saturday August 13th during the COPA for Kids program presented by COPA Flight 66. COPA for Kids will provide a motivational aviation experience, focusing on an introductory flight in a general aviation aircraft. These flights are provided free of charge by COPA pilots to youth between the ages of 8 – 17.

Saturday will also feature many aircraft on the ground in addition to the B-17 and B-25. A large exhibit will highlight various general aviation and homebuilt aircraft for a closer detailed look with pilots and builders available to chat and answer questions.

Many of the local aviation players will be participating and assisting to ensure a successful and safe week. We believe that Algoma Aviation Week is a great opportunity for our community to discover and experience aviation in a tangible and exciting way. Furthermore, the event will provide an opportunity for those already involved in aviation to gather, socialise, and build a stronger aviation sector in our community.

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Kim Park – COPA for Kids Coordinator


A new flight simulator for the DHC-2 Beaver

On Sunday April the 17th COPA Flight 66 had its first visitor from oversees. Premek wanted to stop in at the Bushplane Museum and meet with some of the COPA pilots. He lives near Prague, Czech Republic and was traveling to Detroit for business when he decided to divert to Sault Ste. Marie for the weekend. As a strong aviation enthusiast, he is developing a Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on for one of the most famous and recognised Canadian bush planes, the DHC-2 Beaver, “I am a software engineer for a global engineering company however I spend most of my free time developing flight simulators”.

Premek met Bob Garson in the early morning before studying and admiring some of the iconic Canadian aircrafts at the Bushplane Museum. “I was extremely fascinated by the Bushplane Museum and impressed by the wide collection” he stated.

Premek also visited the airport to chat with Eddy Ongaro, owner of a Beaver. He was able to take pictures of Eddy’s work in progress and discuss technical details. “It has been a wonderful experience to meet Bob and Eddy, I have their contact information and we will exchange emails in the future.”

Premek, in the hope that we have positively contributed to the success of your project, we would like to thank you for visiting and sharing your story with us. Good luck and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


TC Safety Seminar 2016 – May 11 2016

An Evening with the Canadian Military

Join us for an educational evening with speakers from the Canadian Mission Control Centre (CMCC), Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton and 424 Squadron who will provide information on a number of topics including the Canadian Beacon Registry, CMCC and Cospas-Sarsat, JRCC Trenton, rescue co-ordination, search and rescue (SAR) missions and safety.

Attendees will qualify for the 2-year recency requirement as per CAR 421.05(2)(b)


Homebuilt projects – April 20th 2016

On April 20, 2016 at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, Pilots and Homebuilders Terry Mortimore and Gilbert Belair will present the construction details of their homebuilt projects. Terry is completing his Van’s RV-6A, Gilbert designed and built an airplane using a car engine.

The Algoma Flying Club

1962 Original Club office moved from St Marys River to YAM (Fred Alves & Murry Courneen

The Algoma Flying Club played an important role in developing the aviation sector in the Sault by providing flight instruction and spreading the aviation culture in our community. We have inherited a collection of historic memories such as photos, articles and videos which allow us to get to know the people, facts and achievements of the Algoma Flying Club from 1956 until 1963 (please see the links below).

Since my involvement and commitment in leading our COPA chapter, I feel that we should treasure this heritage and be inspired by those who without fear and hesitation, took the initiative to built and share social flying experiences that will never be forgotten.

A special thanks to Neil Ayers for providing most of the published material. In this effort, I encourage those who have any memories of aviation in the Algoma region to participate by sharing their stories with us.

De Havilland Fox Moth

John was formerly in the CAF, specialised in electronics and comm equipment. He will present the DH.83 Fox Moth he has been rebuilding at the Bushplane Museum since 1996. During his presentation we will be able to admire the successful passenger biplane that it is planned to be completed this summer when the DH.83 will take off. For more info contact

Border crossing procedures US/Canada


CBSA Superintendent Kirk Ralf and a US counterpart will present on the current procedure in place to cross the US/Canada border for GA pilots. The discussion will include a review of the Electronic Advanced Passenger Information Systems (eAPIS) and Canada Customs procedures. Q&A to follow.

Urgent Action: Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory (CARAC) developments

CARAC was established in 1993, and is a joint undertaking of the government and the aviation community, with participation from a large number of organizations outside Transport Canada with the intent of representing the overall viewpoint of the aviation community.  COPA has been an active participant in these Focus Groups.

Transport Canada’s recent Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA #2013-014) on Aerodromes does not reflect accurately the efforts of the Focus Group and will materially damage COPA’s hard work and progress.  As written, the NPA would cater to opponents and discriminate against the interests of the aviation enthusiast.  The NPA has potential to significantly impact recreational aviation in general, and private owners and operators, in particular.

Transport Canada now wants to move from a permissive environment to what they call “participatory decision making” to ensure that local land use authorities and the public have input and indeed a greater say in whether or not an aerodrome can be established and developed.  Furthermore this is also being extended to non-certified new and existing aerodromes. COPA provided direct input on the extent of damage this initiative will cause. COPA’s responses can be on the COPA National website at

Given the far-reaching potential of this initiative, the industry responded with an unprecedented amount of feedback calling for a Focus Group meeting which finally occurred in June 2014.  COPA was in attendance.

In October 2014, COPA, along with other participants of the Focus Group, was completely surprised that an amendment to the Aeronautical Act was hidden as part of the Federal Government’s omnibus budget Bill C-43. None of the participants of the Focus Group had knowledge of this development, or it’s content. Had the Focus Group known that the initiative extended as far as the Act amendment proposes, there would have been considerably different discussions about the implications of the expanded applicability. Given that there was no discussion or consultation with industry about the Act amendment itself and the scope of the application, the Act amendment should have be pulled from Bill C-43 to permit a thorough discussion with the industry.

COPA submitted a brief to the House Standing Committee on Finance and appeared before the Senate Committee on Wednesday, November 19th.  At that time COPA’s President & CEO Kevin Psutka asked the House Standing Committee on Transport and the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications to vote in favor of returning the amendment to Transport Canada for consultation with the aviation industry.

Regardless of COPA’s and other industry efforts, Bill C-43 received Royal Assent on December 16th, 2014 and is now law.

A continuation of the Focus Group meetings on the proposed Aerodrome NPA was planned for January 2015, but due to scheduling conflict, was postponed. In order to move forward with this initiative, Transport Canada indicated they would publish the Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) through the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council Activity Reporting System in early March 2015. COPA received email notification of the NPA on February 26th. The disadvantage of issuing the NPAs before the Focus Group convenes will make it more difficult to change many of the measures. Now Transport Canada has scheduled the NPA Focus Group to discuss the regulatory proposal on March 31st and April 1st.

As COPA continues to work on this issue, we strongly recommend that every member read the Notice of Proposed Amendment on Aerodromes and send in your written response to the CARAC secretariat ( with copies to COPA ( COPA is in the process of drafting its position brief and it will be available at COPA “Take Action”  The cutoff date for comments on this proposed rulemaking is April 8th.

This issue is so important that every member should contact their MPP, MLA or Provincial Transport Minister.  For contact information go to  The time for comment is very short on this critical issue that is fundamental to your Freedom to Fly in Canada.

CEO COPA position


COPA is a not-for-profit organization with over 17,000 members. Its mission is to protect Personal Aviation and promote it as a valued, integral and sustainable part of the Canadian Community. More information may be found on COPA’s website at

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President & CEO leads a small team of dedicated professionals at COPA’s national office in Ottawa. The President & CEO is responsible for providing valuable membership services, contributing to the corporate strategy and business plan, leading and integrating corporate goals and deliverables, influencing governments, assisting the Board with regard to corporate governance while leading and managing the national office.

The successful candidate will have experience with how governments work at the political level and related legislation; knowledge of the challenges facing General and Personal Aviation in Canada; experience in managing and leading teams and effectively working with a Board of Directors. Ideally the candidate will bring experience with regulatory structures and regulations affecting aviation and its impact on the aviation industry. A comprehensive job description, inclusive core and desirable qualifications, may be found at

Interested individuals may apply in confidence for the position through the online recruiting website at or forward their application via e-mail to The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, March 26th, 2015.

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